Google Hash Code 2018

On the 2nd March, 2018, Digital Development Hub took part in the annual google Hash code competition organized by Google LLC.

The Hub had six teams comprising of twenty-five contestants that participated in the contest with participants cutting across University students, techies and entrepreneurs. It was tasking and fun as contestants attempted to solve the engineering problem from Google. The theme for this year was self-driving ride. The question for the online round is “Millions of people commute by car every day; for example, to school or to their workplace. Self-driving vehicles are an exciting development for transportation. They aim to make traveling by car safer and more available while also saving commuters time. In this competition problem, we’ll be looking at how a fleet of self-driving vehicles can efficiently get commuters to their destinations in a simulated city.”

  • Team Rhamsys with 5 members
  • Team Abdulganiyu with 5 members
  • Team Abdulhakeem with 5 members
  • Team Fafutuka with 5 members
  • Team Aminu with 5 members

The Hash code 2018 edition is the first one DDHub participated in and there have been learning points. We are hoping community members will participate from our hub during subsequent editions and we are doing everything possible to make the experience a better one.

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