DD Hub partners international organization on Peace promotion fellowship (PPF)


DD Hub partners international organization on Peace promotion fellowship (PPF)

In collaboration with Equal access international an American based NGO,DD Hub will engage 32 youth on a6 month mentorship. The fellowship aims at engaging a total of  32 youths across northern Nigeria a six-month fellowship to use social media in carrying out peace projects while countering and offering an alternative narrative to violent extremism. Sequel to training the 32 youths during a tech camp organized for them, Digital Development Hub was tasked with the responsibility of mentoring the Peace Promoters Fellows (PPFs) throughout the six-month period July 2018 – December 2018.The role of DDHub during the mentorship is to offer the Fellows(PPFs) technical support as well as guidance on content development.

DDHub’s mentorship to the PPFs has successfully carried outseries of trainings in various fields to make the work and presence of the peace promoters on social media platforms impactful. We have taught the fellows techniques of developing content suitable for transmitting the desired message, what platforms to use and how to use them, types of content and effective ways to generate them as well as keeping their online audience stuck to their posts.

In addition, we have supported both staff members of EA and PPFswith an in-house training on the effective use of social media.We have also conducted a site visit to the cluster locations of the PPFs with the aim of further improving their ability to promote the right content for CVE on social media platforms, their ability to manage their social media accounts via a single platform and their ability to keep track of the impact they are making through their efforts. The mentorship was successful because by the end of it:

 The PPFs have been able the have a greater outreach and

have significantly increased their number of followers from a mere one or two-

digit number to three digits’ number

 PPFs built themselves as community influencers,supporting marginalized and underserved members of their respective communities

 We have been able to help the PPFs create using different

methods, including videos, audio (podcasts), graphics, text and a combination of two or more