Conference Of Crazy Ideas (COCI), themed “rethinking the thought” aims to create an avenue where ideas that will trigger our ability to think critically will be talked about by brilliant minds from different fields. We expect that these innovative and transforming ideas discussed will have the potential to impact on lives and government positively by proffering entirely different approaches to the conventional methods we are used to.

COCI allows for topics from various fields be talked about, which include but are not limited to, sustainable economic growth, climate change issues, innovation and entrepreneurship, social injustice, technology in industrialization and production,  education and governmental reforms, diagnosing infectious diseases and providing vaccines, efficiently  feeding the planet, and Pan Africanism.

Digital Development hub designed a mechanism for choosing people that speak at the conference. An online form is available on our site for interested persons to fill. Interested speakers are carefully screened and the best one-fourth of the applicants are accepted. Another category of speakers come from experienced and intellectual people of renowned reputation, who DDHub will personally scout for and invite to speak at the conference.

We strongly believe COCI is going to be an integral part of our developing society because through COCI –

  1. A data bank of intriguing Ideas from which individuals, agencies, parastatals or organizations will immensely benefit, and will lead to innovation and improvement in their various fields;
  2. How businesses operate, or the type of product it produces will be fundamentally changed. This will lead to cost savings, increase the organization’s productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction;
  3. There will be the development and implementation of totally new products, or the identification of new and distinctly different markets;
  4. The way people live and think and will be impacted on positively and by extension lead to societal development.


Title – Conference Of Crazy Idea (COCI)

Theme – Rethinking the thought

Aim – To discuss Ideas having the potential to impact lives positively

Mission – To follow up on some of the great ideas that will be talked about during the conference and liaise with relevant agencies, parastatals or organizations and work towards turning the ideas into realities

End goal – create an avenue for people to share ideas and innovations and learn new ways of doing things better and more effective

Speakers – Speakers will be selected through a transparent process. An online form will be opened on DDHub website for interested persons to fill and a public announcement will be made when the portal is open

Frequency – The conference will be held quarterly every year

Duration – The duration of each conference is about 4hours

Location – The conference will be held across the different parts of the Africa starting with Nigerian states.

Target Audience – Anyone with the desire to impact lives using great ideas.

Partnerships/Sponsorships – The conference is open for partnerships and sponsorships with organisations that share similar goals.