In our effort to create sustainable source of income to the many graduates and non-graduates (those without formal education), we initiated a program ReLearn, aimed at creating a learning space for youth with ICT passion and skills where they can develop their skills and subsequently develop social impact products that will not only make them financially independent but will create job opportunities for other youth as well as contribute to the economic growth of our immediate society.

ReLearn was launched in March 2017 with 20 participants categorised into three IT-specific areas; Animation, Web development and App development. The program lasted for 6mpnths and graduated 12 of the 20particpants, with the launch of 2 products. We are working to scale some of these products to market level.

At DDHub, we are always working to improve based on past experience, as such, we are set to re-run the improved version of relearn – ReLearn 2.0. ReLearn 2.0 will last for 6 months in 2 batches. The first batch will be for intermediary IT based participants who will be coached on the basics of Animation, Web development and App development and then be graduated with an introduction to making income out of their learnt skills.

The second batch is set to commence two weeks after the first, and will be focusing on drilling the registered members into the pro aspect pf the three fields we offer. This will also last three months with several weeks of training on the development of feasible market products. It will be completed with a pitch of products developed by each participant during a demo/graduation day we will organise.

We will offer the best three an incubation space at our hub and work together to make their dreams a reality.